My ‘Children’…

It seems like everyone I know either has kids, wants them or has one on the way. I don’t have any…or, any human kids. 🙂 Here are some pictures of my ‘children’…:)

Seriously, they think they are people…:) One of them, I even have to give allergy shots to. Isn’t that strange…I didn’t even know cats could have allergies. But then, I once had a cat with Parkinson’s….Live and learn…

Haley and Slater, two of the sweetest cats in the world!

Haley and Slater (from left)
Two of the sweetest cats in the world! They can often be found in various affectionate poses. Slater also likes to run around the house like a madman, chasing after nothing. Maybe he sees something I don’t.

Haley is the walking allergy. She has a lot of food allergies, including dairy, egg, soy, and rice…which are in pretty much every cat food on the planet!

I’m not finished yet…there are five in all…you could say I’m the crazy cat lady…:)

Here are some more:

Here’s Daniel Tiger…all 14 pounds of him!

Another view:

Believe it or not, he’s not the fattest cat I know. My husband and I have a friend with a cat who weighs 26 lbs! Moving right along:

Hey, I told DT I’d scan him in if he didn’t move…:)

Here’s our ‘Little Princess’…Seriously, we aren’t her owners, we’re her ‘servants’…

Missy, preening for the camera:

“Mommy, yoo-hoo! I’m waiting!!!!

Missy, c. 6 mos

This is Toby, aka Tailless Wonder:


Toby is a Manx…this breed of cat is born without a tail. He’s what’s called a ‘rumpy riser’, because he has a little ‘nub’ he moves up and down.  Strangely, though, he is the only one I’ve ever seen chase his ‘tail’….*shakes head*.  Freak!

Now let’s play Find The Kitty!:

I once saw a t-shirt that said, ‘In ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped as gods.  Cats have never forgotten this. ”  Truer words have never been spoken. 🙂

Here are some other photos I just feel like posting:

“Extreme close-up! Whooooooaaahhhh!”

Haley, Slater, Daniel (from left)

Slater watches from on high:

Tub rats-Missy, Daniel, Slater (from left)

Oscar isn’t our cat; he’s the 26-lb cat mentioned above but, yes, that’s a pickle he’s eating…

Haley’s a bit ‘camera-shy’, so I couldn’t get her in a pic by herself.  Maybe next time.

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30s, female, married, Georgia US, very opinionated, open-minded mostly, too nice for my own good, Christian, fairly liberal, friendly. I have a pretty big family and several friends and in-laws that might as well be family. I don't have kids, but I have five cats who think they're kids. I have a silly (and sometimes off-color) sense of humor. I'm a Christian so I'll try not to be nasty or use bad language in my posts, but I'm not making any promises, View all posts by theprozacqueen

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