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Be Gracious, Lord: A Reflection on Psalm 6

Reblogging because Tony Roberts is a very spiritual and generally awesome person…and, well, I was blessed by reading it and perhaps you will be too.

If only I could leave this bed and house…

Re-blogging because, although I’m doing well now, I’ve been here. I think we all will be at one point in time.

MAG's Blog

I have had to face this since Monday Morning I have had to face this since Monday Morning

Hello world, it’s been such a mixed couple of days so far that I just had to share not one but two blog posts this very day. Ok let’s start with the first.

Since Monday morning, I have had a very hard time leaving bed. Ok, for someone who once slept just 4 hours (yes that’s bad too I know), sleeping 7 or 8 and still feeling like staying in bed, isn’t so good either.

Monday morning

Well, I am jobless sort of (don’t mind my other posts of creating lots of positive stuff, recently publishing another memoir, and much more), and the dread of not having an income and knowing that the minutes will usher in another bill, does root in apprehension. I try to stay positive and to do lots of stuffs like even learning to bike and writing…

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Manly men??? A Re-Blog

I know I have a lot of feminist-esque stuff on my blog, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give good men a shout-out to. The only thing my husband does on this list is eat a lot of beef and, well, I loves me a good steak too. He even likes hugs and puppies, although we’re both more partial to kittens. The rest I left behind when I dumped my college guy. Anyone who’s met him knows it wasn’t much of a loss.

Enjoy the reblog!

Pouring My Art Out

Why the hell is it that every time there is a TV show that uses the word ‘manly’, it is always a show about something stupid? It shows guys eating way to much, or doing something idiotic and dangerous, or being sexist jerks. Is this all men are?

Hey, a guy painted the freakin’ Sistine Chapel ceiling.

A guy designed the Taj Mahal.

We have been responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful and moving poems and songs and works of art.

We like flowers and sunsets.

We like hugs and puppies.

There is more to us than appetites, muscles, and the incredible ability to succumb to peer pressure and injure ourselves doing something moronic.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the majority of men now… and it wasn’t always this way… are more interested in art and culture and creativity than we are in sports…

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The Painted Kitty


This is my cat Missy. I call her “The Painted Kitty” (or just “Painted”) because of the way each individual hair of hers has specks of the colors that make up her patterns. You’ll probably find this on most tabbies, although it’s usually easier to see in cats with multiple colors than with different shades of the same color. She looks as though God took a paintbrush and started marking up a canvas in whatever pattern He wanted to use. My friend’s tortie (tortoiseshell calico) Daimos was the same way-black with yellow and orange blotches that showed up bit by bit on each of her hairs. My vet said that no two tabbies or torties have exactly the same patterns, so it’s as though He really did “paint her special”. That’s what I tell her, anyway.

She might not understand the words, but I think animals pick up on a lot more than we think. My old roommate’s cat Thomas would immediately follow her into her room when she came in crying, which happened a lot. Her other cat would camp out on the edge of my bed when I was home with a sinus infection; she had sinus issues too, so it was like she “felt my pain.” When I came home from the hospital after having been there for a month, I’d wake up to find Missy at the end of my bed each morning. I think she wanted to make sure I didn’t go away again. They’re aware of these things, sometimes more so than humans.

Anyway, I hope you liked looking at her as much as I do. It’s like I’ve said about a sunset-if God is willing to put so much care and effort into something that can’t talk or have a relationship with Him, imagine how much care He puts into us. Something to think about.

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